7 Best YouTube Thumbnail Ideas – Must Try

The thumbnails serve as the biggest opportunity to attract and captivate prospective audiences and, thus, more likely to have them click through. One of the key determining elements whether or not someone will click to view a video is if they find the thumbnail attractive.

When viewing YouTube videos, the first revealed picture is the video thumbnail. Boring images distract us, whereas appealing images interest us. YouTube offers you some basic settings to use for video frames while you’re uploading a video. A thumbnail’s fundamental aim is to attract as many clicks as possible. That’s why you must always select or upload an eye-catching and interesting thumbnail for your YouTube videos. If you wish to download other videos’ thumbnails, you may check YouTube thumbnail downloader.

Top 7 Best YouTube Thumbnail Ideas

Use Bright Colors In The Thumbnail

Using bright colors in your YouTube thumbnails will have more chances of getting clicks by the viewers. There are many studies posted on the internet that claims that users click more on the YouTube thumbnails and images that are made with bright color.

Since they are catchy, and light you can write text or add images to them without any worries. The best YouTube practice for a high-quality and perfect thumbnail is definitely using bright color in your images. You can use online color-picking websites to check the color REX or RBG value of other YouTube thumbnail images.

Don’t Forget The Text

Adding descriptive text to your thumbnails gives viewers more information about what the video is about without having to wait. Text is a great design technique to use but don’t write anything that takes up a huge chunk of space. Your picture would appear bad if it had more than six words in the thumbnail.

Remember that you need a big color contrast with the backdrop of your text. To ensure your brand and content are recognized by your audience, it is essential to add text to your YouTube video thumbnails. In order to keep audiences interested, a similar font style should be used across thumbnail designs.

Consider Using A Logo

YouTube videos that include the logo of your brand seem more professional and catch the attention of potential viewers. In order to make it clear that this video is yours, even when others share it outside of YouTube, it must be branded with your logo.

One of the biggest factors of your brand is your logo, so you must spread it around and stand out from the crowd. The thumbnail design should be consistent with the logo and other brand-relevant information. If you brand the thumbnail, you’ll be able to demonstrate consistency. The greatest choice when you’re creating a series of video thumbnails is to always use the same design.

Follow Your Own Unique Style

Make it so that it’s easy for visitors to spot your videos by using a consistent graphic design. Not only it will look good, having the same set of thumbnail designs seems professional and people can easily identify your videos while browsing.

An alternative is to select different thumbnail images for each kind of video. You may try out different color combinations for videos of different topics. Not only this will help you in customizing and organizing your channel, but for each video on the channel, viewers may easily understand the type of content that particular video has.

Make Sure The Size Is Perfect

The recommended YouTube thumbnail size is 1280×720 px but that completely depends on the device a person is using. Small gadgets are better off with a digital makeover and you must not forget the mobile YouTube users. Because half of the globe is now using mobile, the odds of your thumbnail getting a majority of views from mobile are higher.

A thumbnail should be designed such that it can be seen across all devices. You can take the help of online YouTube thumbnail creator tools to get different sets of images for your thumbnail. While uploading, you can set different thumbnails for each device.

Use Relevant Images

For a better engagement with the audience, the thumbnail can contain a picture of a person. When people see a person on the screen, it’s easy to influence their thoughts and minds. Eye contact makes the audience more curious and therefore more willing to watch the video entirety.

People watch videos in order to fulfill a certain demand at that time, so by using a relevant image to your video genre, you can increase the overall CTR. You will be able to tell viewers about what kind of video they’re seeing based on what’s in your thumbnail picture.

Analyze Your Competitor

Examining a number of channels in your domain will help you in understanding your audience in a better way. You must keep checking what your rivals are doing and it will reveal some tactics you can apply to your channel and YouTube thumbnails. Do an internal analysis of your own work using design, content, titles, and color scheme to spot the competition.

Don’t only use YouTube statistics to check your channel’s growth but analyzing competitors and other channels will give you some more ideas for your YouTube thumbnails.

Final Words

The ability to design your own YouTube thumbnail will never get old. A new role it serves is restructuring your channel by introducing a fresh layout, content, and strategies. To grab viewers’ attention and make your video better than everyone else’s, it’s crucial to include interesting thumbnails and excellent intros.

To offer people some inspiration when they are in a need, this article introduces many YouTube thumbnail concepts. We hope now you will be able to find ideas, examples, and tools that will streamline the thumbnail generation process and help you produce killer thumbnails.

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